Social media marketing

In KGC Infotech, we are aware of the fact that social media is the new path for the marketing of your content in a right way, which is important for the prosperity and success of your business. Social media is no more one sided interaction; dialogue with the clients is of much importance in the current business scenario. However, there are particular steps needed for proper social marketing, which you will get from here.

In present day, the customers don’t look for a brand with adequate experience before and during the purchase, but also post-purchase. Hence for that they prefer to have a lots of conversation in the social media. This is very much significant because those who have a good experience with a brand on social media, it is assumed that they are recommending that brand to others.

Importance of Social media marketing for various brands

We understand the fact that what types of language customers have in these interactions and their behavior and we must know how to speak like them. The conversations with them to have profound vision into their culture and way of thinking are very important. When we share content, discuss news, relatable stories and participate in conversations in context to your brand we try to not increase your online presence. We try so that you can reach out to not just one but variant generations using social media.

Only a website will not fulfill your purpose. It can be said more than 80% of customers, who like to shop online, follow brands on Facebook. Hence, a profile on Facebook is indispensible to their perception of you; the reason is that it makes you available. Your profile on Facebook or any other social media like Instagram is what bestows voice and a weight to your brand, making it upright. It gives customers the faith that you are available and, therefore, listening to their queries and demands.

You also need to be seen as very firmly in the here-and-now; in other words, you need to be relevant. Top brands from around the world have identified the urgency for relevancy and part of it is maintaining profiles on social media. Your profile is considered as your brand’s voice. It is where you engage with your customers and make scopes for them to engage with you.


We help you to create the whole social media campaigns that enables you achieve both these qualities.

Our main services include:

• Social Marketing Programs

• Social Analytics

• Conversation Monitoring

• Data Mining

• Content Production and Distribution

• Paid Advertising

We also understand the fact that on social media, it is important that your brand does not portray as self-promoting. By sharing relevant content, we motivate your admirers and followers to share posts and refer their friends and families to follow your social media profiles. Basically, we help you organically increase your brand’s online exposure.

We are proud that we creatively organize social media engagements for our clients and helping them to have profound relationships with their customers. We enable to create a social media presence, but also stand out from the crowd. We know our clients and their customers and so we try to use social media to bring the two together.